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Seminar facilitation / peer reviewing for the core course "Information Practices in Contemporary Society".

In the core MLIS course LIBR 508 001 Information Practices in Contemporary Society the following learning activities were implemented. Group seminars were facilitated by students with peer reviewing of each such seminar. This enabled the facilitator to develop public speaking skills and to plan delivery, drawing interaction from colleagues etc. Peer reviewers would learn to professionally evaluate the seminar for strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions accordingly.

These weekly group seminars were scheduled with clearly defined topics and assigned readings and held for around a half hour during the lecture. The facilitator would bring the course material based on the topic for the day and the specified readings. The course material would contain both a summary of the readings as well as the activities as planned by the facilitator to drive home the intended message.

During my turn for the seminar facilitation, the chosen topic was Information and Empowerment and we had the privilege of visiting the Museum of Anthropology and that was to be the setting for the seminar, and quite aptly so. The course material prepared was in a booklet form as shown here.

Course material for the seminar - Side 1

Course material for the seminar - Side 2









PDF version of the course handout

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Learning Significance

  1. Preparing for and delivering this seminar enhanced my thinking in areas I had never ventured before. Especially so since the topic was regarding the learning ways adopted by the indigenous people and how it contrasted with the western philosophy of education and learning. Since the seminar, I am able to appreciate learning as it takes place in all ways including just observation, or as passed on from elders and ancestors and respect each tradition and culture with the inherent uniqueness that they bring to the table.