Making Sense with Data - R, Tableau, MS Excel

This course was an introduction to R including the application of the software for statistical analysis. Statistical concepts such as data preparation, type I & II errors, hypothesis testing, sampling etc were studied with application-oriented learning activities. The course culminated with a final project presentation.

Information Visualization & Visual Analytics - Voyant, Tableau, Gephi

Visual analysis of U.S Presidential addresses - Term project final paper & Poster presentation for the course 'LIBR 514 F-Information Visualization and Visual Analytics'

Master's Thesis - Design of a geographical visualization-based interface for a community academic knowledge exchange - Axure RP9, Voyant, MS Excel

The aim of the research project was to develop a visual map-based interface to the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal (DTES-RAP). DTES-based journal articles were studied to identify places, organizations and topics. A design-thinking approach was followed, with stages to learn about user needs, build a model, and test it. A small study was carried out with community members with the approval of the human ethics board, to evaluate the current design and identify areas for improvement.

Database design - MS Access, SQL

Database designing develops skills to identify key entities / underlying relationships within carefully formulated business rules. Skills of refining the design to suit the user requirements and to normalize the design while maintaining data integrity

Teaching - Civil Engineering

I have imbibed an academic outlook having facilitated learning in Civil / Transportation Engg., in colleges in India and Oman.

UX design (Wireframing, Usability testing and Prototyping) - Figma, Tableau

A website with choropleth map designed to aid new immigrants on their search for a new home was developed as term project for this course.

GAA (UBC Library Digital Initiatives) - CONTENTdm, Archivematica

Metadata, Preservation and Quality Control work at the UBC library Digital Initiatives.

Infographics for academic writings in SLAIS - Canva, Camtasia

I developed infographics to make a point and voice my concerns during a topic briefing exercise for the course LIBR508 (Information practices in contemporary society).

Quick help website development - Wix

Developed a simple quick help website, designed to be useful for new international students arriving at the province of British Columbia.

Search engine personalization : Biases and bubbles affecting academic users.

Here I researched aspects around "personalisation" as applied by search engines and how they affect even academic users of the internet.

Information and Empowerment - MS Publisher

Seminar facilitation / peer reviewing for the core course "Information Practices in Contemporary Society".