Database design (Project)

Database designing develops skills to identify key entities / underlying relationships within carefully formulated business rules. Skills of refining the design to suit the user requirements and to normalize the design while maintaining data integrity


I have imbibed an academic outlook having facilitated learning in Civil / Transportation Engg., in colleges in India and Oman.

UX design (Wireframing, Usability testing and Prototyping)

A website with choropleth map designed to aid new immigrants on their search for a new home was developed as term project for this course.

GAA (UBC Library Digital Initiatives)

Metadata, Preservation and Quality Control work at the UBC library Digital Initiatives.

Infographics for academic writings in SLAIS

I developed infographics to make a point and voice my concerns during a topic briefing exercise for the course LIBR508 (Information practices in contemporary society).

Quick help website development

Developed a simple quick help website, designed to be useful for new international students arriving at the province of British Columbia.

Search engine personalization : Biases and bubbles affecting academic users.

Here I researched aspects around "personalisation" as applied by search engines and how they affect even academic users of the internet.

Information and Empowerment - seminar facilitation

Seminar facilitation / peer reviewing for the core course "Information Practices in Contemporary Society".