Teaching – Civil Engineering

I have imbibed an academic outlook having facilitated learning in Civil / Transportation Engg., in colleges in India and Oman.

Construction site visit

Staff development seminar

Site visit for Building Services

Engineering surveying laboratory

Being a facilitator of learning / educator necessitates a kind of gentle leadership wherein concepts and procedures need to be made plain and simple with a focus on application. I preferred the use of video clips, site visits and practical procedures wherever possible so that the concepts are relatable and explained in their context of application.

As a student advisor and mentor, I would be counselling and guiding my mentees on their course choices based on their interests and preferred pace of learning. Understanding human uniqueness, I gained a listening ear paying due attention also to visual cues and body language as well.  Of course my skills of communication have also grown in this experience.

As a coordinator for on the job-training for my department, I had the privilege of meeting and contacting industry professionals to arrive at on the job training possibilities for my students. This experience boosted my social interaction skills for in person and over the phone conversations.

The value of teamwork has been a continuing lesson as I have been exposed to group activities and projects during my days as a student and educator.  Synergy plays a good role in multiplying the effects of individual strengths through group discussions and brainstorming activities for a thesis report, presentation, building construction etc.

Over the years I am gaining an understanding of the importance of being able to keep an audience engaged and motivated through opportunities at public speaking. This combines many skills time management, proper use of audio-visual resources etc.

Academic writing has been a constant feature in the form of assignments, project reports, presentations and have further enhanced my technical writing / editing skills.

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Learning Significance

  1. My exposure to the academic field has taught me valuable lessons on commitment, teamwork, punctuality, technical writing and communication skills. Lifelong learning has become a key principle in my life as the need for sharpening skills and gaining new ones always keeps me energized and motivated.