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Developed a simple quick help website, designed to be useful for new international students arriving at the province of British Columbia.

As a term project for the course LIBR506 Human Information Interaction, as a group of three students, we had decided to go for an information index that would serve students arriving in the province of British Columbia to gain reliable information in a timely manner. We arrived at an idea for a website and my role was to develop the website for the project. I chose the cloud-based website developing and hosting platform Wix.com for this purpose.

Based on the feedback obtained on the term project proposal, we decided to narrow down our objectives to around 4 main areas where the students would search for timely and reliable information. The identified areas were health and security, mobile networks, banking solutions and student housing. In health, the focus was on mental health and under security, the focus was on sexual assault and medical insurance. Under student housing, homestays were considered due to their convenience and economic benefits.

The website can be found here https://thehelpbc.wixsite.com/studenthelpbc.

Some clips from the website pages are as follows.

Home page


Student banking services

Student mobile options

Student housing - Homestays

Mental health and security

About page

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Learning Significance

  1. The learning that occurred here was tremendous since I had not developed a website before. I had to search for suitable links under the respective topics and choose the most appropriate among them for final inclusion. Once the website was up and running some tweaks had to be made to incorporate mobile versions of the website and make it more accurate and suitable for the specified user base which was international student community arriving at the beautiful province of British Columbia.